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Fisher’s Place

@ East Port Marina 

5652 East Port Rd, Alpine, TN,38543

The restaurant at East Port Marina is not a new idea, with previous owners Ed and Peggy Stevens serving warm food since 1974. Since then, our restaurant has seen several different renditions, menu items, and even got a new location after being washed away by the flood of 2020. Starting in 2022 the restaurant at East port Marina is getting a new name and a fresh new face, Fisher’s Place! 

 The goal for the restaurant is the same as ever: to treat customers with respect and offer services and products at a fair price. Fisher’s Place is owned by the proprietors of East Port Marina; Richard, Wendy, Nathan, and Lee Ellen DeVries, but as of 2022 is managed by Samantha Meadows. Sam hails from Michigan, and at just 19 years old, has proven she has the hard-working spirit and tenacity of a restaurateur.  After graduating high school at 16, Sam moved to Tennessee with family and started working at East Port Marina on the cleaning crew, but showed a passion for the kitchen since the beginning and spent as much time as possible in there, learning the ropes. Sam then managed the Obey River Grill for 2 years for the previous owners, and is very excited to announce the theme for this year’s restaurant.

Samantha came up with the name Fisher’s Place after the passing of East Port Marina’s beloved dock dog, Fisher. “When I was working as manager for the Obey River Grill, Fisher would always stop by if I was working on the books and hang out with me.” Fisher was a mascot for the marina and everyone loved to stop in and see him, he was truly part of the family and by naming the restaurant after him, we hope to capture the spirit he so well represented. Fisher’s Place will continue to be one of the staples of Dale Hollow Lake and be a meeting place for friends and lake lovers from all over. 

5652 East Port Road
Alpine, TN 38543

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